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Why Us

Professional Collections Specialist

A tremendous amount of time and money is invested into training each collector, so they can effectively work your accounts. Effective collections require excellent communication skills, compliance with current regulations, expertise in utilizing advanced collection software, and efficiently managing a collection queue. Their goal is help your customer understand the importance of fulfilling their financial obligation to you. Each collector is a certified "Professional Collection Specialist". All collectors are required to pass both the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Essential Communication Skills training along with committing to the “Collector’s Pledge”, which is a commitment towards treating your customers with dignity and respect. Continual training programs are instituted throughout the year to adjust to new challenges and trends.

Best in Class Technology

CCS utilizes a robust collection system that is Gold Standard Certified (SSAE 16 Type II) in data security. Utilizing a top ranked collection system CCS is able to handle account volumes of any size. CCS employs business analytics that enable management to set-up collection strategies that achieve desired client goals.

Waterfall Data Scrubbing

Having accurate data is the key to right party contact. Cross checking your customer’s data and updating it to ensure right party contact is the key to successful communications and resolution of outstanding balances. CCS Waterfall Data Verification and Update program continually checks your customer data and notifies CCS of any changes in your customer’s contact and credit information.

Customized Letter Campaigns

Letter campaigns are designed to effectively communicate the urgency of payment in full. All letters are reviewed for compliance with state and federal regulations.

Call Center Solutions

Strategic calling campaigns are designed to achieve the greatest contact ratio. The more time spent on live calls, the more accounts you’ll get collected. CCS’ call center technologies provide leading-edge solutions for calling campaigns of every shape and size. These solutions feature calling capacity that increases contact by as much as 300 percent.

Online Collection Center

CCS makes it easy for your customer to pay. The way people communicate and pay their bills has changed dramatically. CCS provides your customer with alternative solutions through online resources and payment portals allowing them to address their account 24/7.

Credit Reporting

Some of your customers will not immediately respond to collection efforts. In this case CCS will report the debt to all eligible major credit reporting companies to ensure your customer will fulfill their obligation to your before they receive credit from other credit grantors. CCS adheres to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Legal Services

On occasion you will find customers who have the ability to pay, but ignore all communications attempts and refuse to fulfill their financial obligations. In these instances you have the option of utilizing CCS’ legal resources to enforce your claim. CCS has an in-house legal department and an attorney network throughout the continental U.S. to help enforce your claim.

Client Access Web

Assign your accounts on-line, report payments, update customer information, review account status, and pull your own collection reports all in a secure environment anytime you want 24/7.

Domestic and International Debt Collection

CCS has the resources to collect your accounts throughout the entire U.S. and all over the world. Our ability to cover your local area ensures the best chance of right party communication. And if you don’t have current contact information, we have all the tools to help us locate your customer. Knowing CCS has the ability to locate and effectively communicate with your customer ensures you have the best chance of recovery no matter where your customer is located

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