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Cash is the lifeblood of any business. Without it your business cannot exist. Like the heart needs blood, the business needs cash. Having a good credit policy and following your policy will determine the health of your cash flow. Collecting at the time of service carries the least amount of risk and best cash flow solution. However, this is not always the case so your ability to gather information on your customer and follow-up on accounts that are not paid within your credit terms is critical. The less information you have the harder it is to follow-up. Your ability to effectively communicate in a timely manner will determine when and if you get paid. If you haven’t been paid within 90-120 days your chances of collecting have reduced dramatically. That’s because the older an account gets the less collectable it becomes.

CCS offers a full range of services that can be customized for your needs.

Not sure where to begin?

A Credit Policy Review will give you a picture of your entire billing cycle.

Have your own in-house collection department?

Our Training program will improve your staff's confidence while giving them the tools to minimize your losses and your risk.

Need more sophisticated payment options for your customers?

CCS' suite of Payment Processing/Merchant Services expedites the cost-effective transition to electronic payment and remittance.

Falling short on follow-up?

Our Billing/Early Out service will increase your cash flow by putting attention on your accounts early in the billing cycle.

Need to know sooner who is going to pay and who isn't?

Our Pre-Collection/Letter Service is a low-cost tool for identifying bad debt at an early stage.

Have accounts that are more than 90 days past due?

Our Bad Debt Collection service offers thorough and professional attention to the accounts that have ignored previous collections attempts.

Where do you feel the pain? Let CCS help!


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"... CCS is a pleasure to work with, and we’ve received excellent results." MORE
Laura S.,
Billing Manager for large dental group
"... They have the expertise and resources to continue pursuit of unpaid accounts when we have hit the end of our own resources. ..." MORE
Brittany B,
Central Business Office Manager of National Rehab Centers