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San Bernardino Debt Collection

Managing your accounts receivable when you have to communicate with clients who have outstanding accounts can dramatically slow down and complicate smooth business operations. Since you need to focus on growing your business, let Credit Consulting Services take care of those difficult situations in a professional and timely manner. With years of experience working in collections in California, Credit Consulting Services can help your San Bernardino business operate more efficiently and manage healthy cash flow with proven methods which deliver results.

Effective Cash Flow Solutions

CCS provides numerous services to businesses in San Bernardino in order to help them get back on track and focus their finances and achieve their business goals, such as:

  • Pre-Collection/Letter Service
  • Catch bad debt before it becomes a problem and secure payments through our straightforward and cost-effective letter service.

  • Debt Collection Agency
  • When you have clients who pay late or dodge your communication, use our team of collectors who utilize methods which assure the results and payment you need.

  • Training Programs
  • Educate your accounts receivable professionals with our training programs to help them understand the laws and best practices which they should take into consideration in order to do the best work they can for your business.

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Industries Served

The extensive experience of the CCS team ranges across a number of different industries, so you can rely on their tried and trusted methods regardless of your business type:

  • Commercial / Business to Business (B to B)
  • Lending between two business can be complicated, but with the analytical services provided by CCS you can rest assured that you are making a safe loan that will enable both businesses to thrive.

  • Business to Consumer (B to C)
  • Keep you customer relations positive just like you cash flow with CCS’s consumer collection services, no need to struggle with individual customers when CCS can provide the skills needed to make the collection for you.

  • Private Education
  • Debt incurred for education can be sensitive to collect, but CCS has extensive experience collecting on tuition and other fees for private institutions in a manner which is respectful to all parties.

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If you are looking for an agency that understand debt collection in San Bernardino, Credit Consulting Services is a great choice! Let us help you lower bad debt write-off. We can help you collect more money, and improve communication with your customers.

+ San Bernardino Economy

San Bernardino's economy is comprised mainly of government and retail industries. There are also significant intermodal freight centers at Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway yards. These freight hubs are a result of San Bernardino's location near both Cajon and San Gorgonio passes as well as the junction of the interstate freeways 10 and 215 and SR-210. This has also lead to a strong warehouse sector, with major businesses such as Kohl’s, Stater Bros., and Pep Boys established with warehouses in the city. A recent warehouse addition is that of, which has established a fulfilment facility on the southern side of the San Bernardino airport.

+ What We Love About Riverside

Here are some things to check out in Riverside:

  • Route 66 Rendezvous
  • An annual event celebrating the heritage of one of the most famous highways in American history. It is held in downtown San Bernardino in the fall and features a classic car show, and a street fair with food and live entertainment. See more here.

  • The Robert V. Fullerton Museum of Art
  • Located on the campus of CSU San Bernardino, this museum offers both fine art exhibits as well as natural history exhibits ranging from Egyptian antiquities to funerary art from China. Plan your visit here.

  • The Historic Fox Theater
  • First constructed in 1928, the historic Fox Theater is located in downtown San Bernardino and was recently restored to be both visited and used once again. Check out the details here.

+ Nearby Cities

Credit Consulting provides other service in nearby cities such as: