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Santa Maria Debt Collection

Follow-up is the key to any successful billing and collections program. The key to follow-up is good information. Cross checking your customer’s data and updating it to ensure right party contact leads to successful communications and resolution of outstanding balances. Other Santa Maria debt collection agencies may promise results their data collection methods can't deliver — CCS Waterfall Data Verification and Update program continually checks your customer data and notifies CCS of any changes in your customer’s contact and credit information.

Real Solutions to Cash Flow Problems

For Santa Maria businesses, CCS offers a full range of services that can be custom tailored to your needs, including:

  • Debt Collection Agency
  • CCS' debt collection specialists are highly trained professionals who will help your customers understand the importance of fulfilling their financial obligation to you.

  • Payment Processing/Merchant Services
  • Our suite of payment solutions establishes the most convenient payment flow for the consumer, while reducing costs and using a variety of payment vehicles across multi-payment channels.

  • Pre-Collection/Letter Service
  • A simple and inexpensive way to identify bad debt before it becomes a bigger problem, while maintaining full control of the account and 100% of any sums collected.

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Industries Served

This is just a partial list of industries CCS has worked with over the years, providing expert debt collection and cash flow management:

  • Health/Medical
  • Healthcare collections are complex and require special training. CCS has extensive experience in the healthcare field, and will treat your patients with respect.

  • Commercial/ Business to Business (B to B)
  • CCS's Waterfall Data Scrubbing gives you a much better chance at recovering from customers who have moved and left no forwarding address.

  • Private Education
  • CCS has just the right touch for helping private learning institutions collect past due accounts with skill and tact.

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CCS can help you can reduce bad debt, improve cash flow, and maintain positive customer relations!

+ Santa Maria Economy

The Santa Maria economy has shown growth, thanks the local wine industry as well as agriculture and tourism. But even a robust economic environment is open to all the inherent risk of doing business. Overdue accounts receivable, defaults on payments for services rendered, cash flow slowing to a trickle — these are the things that can cripple a business even in a healthy economy. CCS can give you the tools to fight back, whether you are a large high-tech corporation, or a small local business.

+ What We Love About Santa Maria

Santa Maria is a wonderful place to live and work. Check out some of our favorite things about Santa Maria:

  • BBQ, Santa Maria Style
  • Take a sumptuous tri-tip grilled to smoky perfection and topped with salsa, add buttery garlic bread and luscious pinquito beans and what do you have? Santa Maria Style Barbecue, that's what! A California culinary experience not to be missed .

  • Santa Maria Valley Strawberry Festival
  • Fun for the whole family! Great food, carnival rides, and all things strawberry.

  • Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts
  • What do Robin Williams, Zac Efron, and Kathy Bates have in common? They were all members of Santa Maria's resident professional theatre company, the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts.

+ Nearby Cities

Credit Consulting provides other service in nearby cities such as: