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San Ramon Debt Collection

Have you gathered enough information on your customers to allow quick follow-up on accounts that are not paid within your credit terms? The less information you have, the harder it is to follow-up. Effective, timely communication will determine when and if you get paid. If you haven’t been paid within 90-120 days, your chances of collecting have reduced dramatically. This highlights two important aspects of the cash flow dynamic – a sound credit policy, and effective communication with your customers. Sometimes it is hard to give these areas the attention they deserve when you are busy trying to grow your business. That is when CCS can be an invaluable partner.

Real Solutions to Cash Flow Problems

We offer San Ramon businesses a full range of services that can be custom tailored to your needs, including:

  • Debt Collection Agency
  • If you have accounts that have ignored attempts to collect, it is time to give them the professional attention of our highly trained staff. CCS' debt collection specialists have a proven track record

  • Billing/Early Out
  • CCS is completely transparent and acts as your billing department. Slow paying accounts receive greater attention, which improves cash flow and decreases bad debt write-off.

  • Training
  • How effective is your staff at collections? A well-trained staff has more success collecting past due accounts -- and a higher morale. CCS offers a variety of training options.

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Industries Served

This is just a partial list of industries CCS has worked with over the years, providing expert debt collection and cash flow management:

  • Government
  • CCS provides initial billing and collection follow-up to municipalities throughout California

  • Utility
  • When customers move and leave no forwarding address, it can seem like a dead end -- but not with CCS's Waterfall Data Scrubbing.

  • Business to Business (B to B)
  • CCS provides the commercial credit grantor with valuable resources that identify bad debt at an early stage while minimizing potential losses.

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CCS can help you can reduce bad debt, improve cash flow, and maintain positive customer relations!

+ San Ramon Economy

San Ramon, which started as a farming community, is now home to the corporate headquarters of Chevron, 24 Hour Fitness, and AT&T, among others. But even a robust economic environment is open to all the inherent risk of doing business. Overdue accounts receivable, defaults on payments for services rendered, cash flow slowing to a trickle — these are the things that can cripple a business even in a healthy economy. CCS can give you the tools to fight back, whether you are a large high-tech corporation, or a small local business.

+ What We Love About San Ramon

When the work day is done, San Ramon has a wealth of places to explore and experience. Check out some of our favorites.

  • San Ramon Sheep Shearing Day
  • The San Ramon Historic Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of San Ramon's early history of farms and homesteads, and the annual Sheep Shearing Day is a local favorite. See how your favorite wool sweater got its start!

  • Fine Dining in San Ramon
  • Thai? Italian? Persian? Brew pub? Bring your appetite, San Ramon's got something for everyone. Here is an extensive, but by no means exhuaustive, list of restaurants.

  • The Iron Horse Trail
  • The Iron Horse Regional Trail follows the Southern Pacific Railroad right-of-way established in 1891 and abandoned in 1977. This beautiful multi-use trails features a 20 foot paved path accessible to pedestrians and bicyclists. It currently stretches a total of 18 miles along the Iron Horse Corridor, although there are plans to take it up to 33 miles.

+ Nearby Cities

Credit Consulting provides other service in nearby cities such as: