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Vacaville Debt Collection

Have you gathered enough information on your customers to allow quick follow-up on accounts that are not paid within your credit terms? The less information you have, the harder it is to follow-up. Effective, timely communication will determine when and if you get paid. If you haven’t been paid within 90-120 days, your chances of collecting have reduced dramatically. This highlights two important aspects of the cash flow dynamic – a sound credit policy, and effective communication with your customers. Sometimes it is hard to give these areas the attention they deserve when you are busy trying to grow your business. That is when CCS can be an invaluable partner.

Effective Cash Management Solutions

CCS offers a full range of services to Vacaville businesses that can be tailored to your needs, including:

  • Debt Collection Agency
  • CCS' debt collection specialists are highly trained professionals who will help your customers understand the importance of fulfilling their financial obligation to you.

  • Credit Policy Review
  • CCS will give you a complete picture of your entire billing cycle, and how it’s affecting your bottom line.

  • Payment Processing/Merchant Services
  • Our suite of payment solutions provides a comprehensive, fully scalable, end-to-end suite of presentment and payment solutions.

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Industries Served

We have served many different industries over the years, giving them the full benefit of our expertise in debt collection and cash flow management, including:

  • Government
  • CCS provides initial billing and collection follow-up to municipalities throughout California.

  • Business to Consumer (B to C)
  • CCS can help you collect from slow paying customers without risking repeat business.

  • Private Education
  • CCS has just the right touch for helping private learning institutions collect past due accounts with skill and tact.

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From small businesses to larger corporations, CCS has helped improve cash flow and reduce bad debt for many different clients, all while maintaining their most valuable customer relationships. Call CCS today for a free quote – we can help!

+ Vacaville Economy

Vacaville began as an agricultural and rail shipping area. Although still surrounded by fertile farm land, Vacaville has developed substantial commercial and industrial sectors. But even normal fluctuations in the economy can put pressure on local businesses, leaving them with big cash flow issues. CCS has the tools to help you manage the rough times.

+ What We Love About Vacaville

At the end of the work day, it's great to relax and have fund in Vacaville. Check out some of our favorites:

  • The Vacaville Blues Festival
  • It's outdoors, it's fun, it's free! Check out the Blues Festival in historic downtown Vacaville.

  • The Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre
  • A great venue for dance, live theater, and music, the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre is an intimate and attractive setting for entertainment.

  • Fine Dining
  • Vacaville is one of the birthplaces of California cuisine, with its emphasis on farm fresh fruits and vegetables, and there are many restaurants to choose from.

+ Nearby Cities

Credit Consulting provides other service in nearby cities such as: