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Fresno Debt Collection

You want to make it easy for your customers to do business with you, so you extend credit to them with the expectation that they will pay you at a later date. But not all customers pay on time, and their financial problems soon become your problem. If you are looking for a Fresno debt collection agency, CCS has the experience and expertise to reduce your bad debt and improve your overall cash flow. Our highly trained staff provides exceptional customer service, and our innovative technology is state of the art. CCS is centrally located in Salinas, California, and uniquely qualified to understand the business environment and local and state laws affecting our clients doing business in California.

Real Solutions to Cash Flow Problems

CCS offers Fresno businesses a full range of services that can be customized to your needs. Here are just some of the solutions that we offer that can improve your cash flow:

  • Debt Collection Agency
  • CCS' debt collection specialists are highly trained professionals who will give their full attention to your accounts that have ignored previous attempts to collect.

  • Training Programs
  • How effective is your staff at collections? Collectors that are not well trained will have little success and can pose a risk if they do not understand what laws they are required to follow. CCS offers a variety of training options that will increase your staff’s success rate.

  • Pre-Collection/Letter Service
  • A simple and inexpensive way to identify bad debt before it becomes a bigger problem, while maintaining full control of the account and 100% of any sums collected.

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Industries Served

CCS has worked with many different industries over the years, including those that are most central to Fresno’s economy, such as:

  • Healthcare

  • This is a complex collection scenario that requires special training. We are committed to treating your patients with dignity and respect.

  • Government

  • CCS provides initial billing and collection follow-up to municipalities throughout California.

  • Business to Business (B to B)

  • CCS provides the commercial credit grantor with valuable resources that identify bad debt at an early stage while minimizing potential losses.

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We have decades of experience in helping these industries and many others to lower bad debt write-off, collect more money, and improve communication with customers. Don’t let slow paying customers affect your bottom line. Call CCS today for a free quote – we can help!

+ Fresno Economy

Fresno County is number one in agricultural production in the nation. But large agricultural industries are not the only businesses that thrive here; small, locally owned businesses cater to a very culturally diverse population with great success. Businesses large or small know that slow paying customers, overdue accounts receivable, and defaults on payments for services rendered are just some of the things that can have a hugh impact on cash flow. CCS has the expertise to help you navigate these rough waters.

+ What We Love About Fresno

Fresno is the largest metropolitan area in the San Joaquin Valley, and there is certainly no shortage of things to see and do:

  • Fresno Grizzlies
  • Go Grizzlies! This Triple-A minor league baseball team is an affiliate of the San Francisco Giants, and has a fierce following in Fresno. Say that three times fast.

  • The Tower District
  • Love the night life? This is the place for you. Restaurants, nightclubs, theatres, galleries, The Tower District has it all.

  • Festivals, Festivals, Festivals
  • Cars, crafts, cows, and big hats -- if you can think of a reason for a festival, there is probably already one scheduled in Fresno. Check out this handy guide.

+ Nearby Cities

Credit Consulting provides other service in nearby cities such as: