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Follow-up is the key to any successful billing and collections program. The key to follow-up is good information. Cross checking your customer's data and updating it to ensure right party contact leads to successful communications and resolution of outstanding balances. Other Modesto debt collection agencies may promise results their data collection methods can't deliver — CCS Waterfall Data Verification and Update program continually checks your customer data and notifies CCS of any changes in your customer's contact and credit information.

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CCS offers a full range of services that can be tailored to your needs. Here are just some of the solutions we offer that can improve your cash flow:

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CCS has many years of experience in helping businesses in a wide array of industries to lower bad debt write-off, collect more money, and improve communication with customers. Here is a partial list of industries we have worked with:

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+ Modesto Economy

Modesto's economy has always been heavily dependent on agriculture. E&J Gallo wineries, Foster Farms, and Blue Diamond Nuts call Modesto home, just to name a few. While the fertile farmland surrounding Modesto would seem to assure its continued success, it is not immune to the vagaries of the larger economy. CCS understands that local Modesto businesses can feel a big negative impact to their cash flow when a downturn in the economy leads to slow-paying customers. CCS can help you navigate these rough waters.

+ What We Love About Modesto

When George Lucas made the film "American Graffiti", he was capturing a moment in time, looking back at his teenage years in Modesto in the 1960's. Modesto has grown from a small town full of cruising teenagers to a city of over 200,000 people, but it is a big city with a small, hometown feeling. There is something for everyone here.

  • The Gallo Center for the Arts
  • The Gallo Center for the Arts is a wonderful entertainment venue, featuring Broadway plays, music, comedy, and dance. It is also home to the Modesto Symphony Orchestra.

  • The Modesto Nuts
  • The Modesto Nuts is a Class A minor league baseball club affiliated with the Colorado Rockies. They fill the stands at John Thurman field with loyal fans every year, and are tons of fun to watch.

  • Downtown Dining
  • Dining in downtown Modesto is a pleasure, with easy parking and an amazing array of dining choices within walking distance.

+ Nearby Cities

Credit Consulting provides other service in nearby cities such as: