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Simi Valley Debt Collection

The key to any successful billing and collections program is good follow-up — and the key to follow-up is good information. Right-party contact leads to successful communications and resolution of outstanding balances, and this requires cross-checking your customer’s data and updating it. Other Simi Valley debt collection agencies may promise results their data collection methods can't deliver. CCS' Waterfall Data Verification and Update Program continually checks your customer data and notifies CCS of any changes in your customer’s contact and credit information.

Effective Cash Flow Solutions

We offer a full range of services to Simi Valley businesses that can be tailored to your needs, including:

  • Debt Collection Agency
  • If you have accounts that have ignored attempts to collect, it is time to give them the professional attention of our highly trained staff.

  • Payment Processing/Merchant Services
  • Our suite of payment solutions provides a comprehensive, fully scalable, end-to-end suite of presentment and payment solutions.

  • Training Programs
  • How effective is your staff at collections? Collectors that are not well trained will have little success and can pose a risk if they do not understand what laws they are required to follow.

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Industries Served

CCS's has helped many different industries in California over the years, including:

  • Utility
  • CCS's Waterfall Data Scrubbing gives you a much better chance at recovering from customers who have moved and left no forwarding address.

  • Commercial/ Business to Business (B to B)
  • CCS has extensive experience in debt recovery in the business-to-business sector.

  • Business to Consumer (B to C)
  • CCS can help you collect from slow paying customers without risking repeat business.

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CCS has helped improve cash flow and reduce bad debt for many different clients, from small businesses to larger corporations, all while maintaining their most valuable customer relationships. Call CCS today for a free quote – we can help!

+ Simi Valley Economy

Although considered by some to be a "bedroom community" for Los Angeles, Simi Valley has developed a diversified economy of its own, including machinery and metal industries, food, and banking. Cash flow management can be an issue in strong economies as well as weakened ones, and CCS has the tools to help you deal with overdue accounts receivable and defaults on payments due.

+ What We Love About Simi Valley

Set in the beautiful Santa Susana foothills, Simi Valley has everything going for it: great weather, beautiful surroundings, and lots to do and see. Here are some things to check out when you are in the area:

  • Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
  • Opened in 1991, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is the largest of the 12 federally operated presidential libraries, and the final resting place of former President Ronald Reagan. Be sure to check out the Air Force One Pavilion.

  • Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center
  • The Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center is the place to go for music and theater in Simi Valley, with Broadway plays, concerts and more on the schedule.

  • Santa Susana Depot
  • After you've seen Air Force One over at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, you might want to take a trip back in time at the Santa Susana Depot. Built by the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1903, it is a classic railroad depot, complete with pot belly stove in the passenger waiting room.

+ Nearby Cities

Credit Consulting provides other service in nearby cities such as: